Hover on a face. Rotate display to landscape. Watch participants talk on YouTube Ania Adamczyk Bruno Bonamini Chiara Buccola Leon Ciechanowski Guilia Cosimi Christina Domingo Ruiz Samuele Di Fiore Giuseppe D'Ippolito Isidre Donadeu Renau Zuza Śmiechowska Maria Jacniacka Kasia Klimowicz Franca Dorothy Marsh Francesc Morte Rodenas Claudia Nieto Masó Giovanni Occorso Aga Papis Victor de Paz Mena Federica Porcarello Maties Rodríguez Palet Chiara Sabella Eugenio Scano Klara Śmiechowska Zuza Śmiechowska Giulia Tumminia Laia Vendrell Pacheco Aleksander Wencel Erika Zárate Magda Żarnawska
Ania Adamczyk Trainer for NGOs in Warsaw and a local activist The project gave me opportunity to face my greatest weakness - staying with the group empowered me to use English. Bruno Bonamini Sicilian adventurer and environmental engineering student Changing things is not easy, but possibile. By preparing the right cocktail of craziness, knowledge and experience great things can be realized! Chiara Buccola Born in Sicilian countryside, travelled to Berlin and Balkans, loves animals TRY project is giving me much more than I expected at first - it gave me not only practical skills but also an inspiration about alternative ways of thinking, living and sharing. Leon Ciechanowski 4YOUth activist with professional academic background I’m involved in the project TRY since the beginning and it just feels great to have a chance to create specific and concrete things with inhabitants of our hometowns! Guilia Cosimi Student of natural science in Palermo This wonderful project succeeded in spreading sustainible and alternative ways of life, letting us visit and see them and share good energy from the heterogeneous beauties of our international group! Samuele Di Fiore A guy on a journey for self and nature discovery Project TRY can be a great chance to spread themes regarding self sufficiency, new, non-massive ways of agriculture, and in general to respect Nature as we would respect ourselves. Giuseppe D'Ippolito Student of forestry and environmental sciences Thanks to this project we can change the future for the better, having more respect for others and for the nature. Isidre Donadeu Renau Philosopher and a dreamer This is a kick to start being active with my thoughts and walk to a life I want for myself and a first meet to the knowledge i need to live that life in my perfect world. Christina D. Ruiz Nutritionist and food technologist Project TRY is for me an exchange of knowledge and experience. The training empowers me and gives me the tools to act locally. Maria Jacniacka Student in a local high school, likes longboards and sunny weather I’m the youngest in the TRY project, and I want to change the world in some way. This project gives me knowlege to do so. Kasia Klimowicz Co-founder of 4YOUth, PhD student in political philosophy and a social activist Project TRY is a great possibility for a group of young leaders from Poland, Italy and Spain to see and convince their local communities that living according to the rules of sustainable development is possible and necessary. Franca Dorothy Marsh Graduated from Anthropology, loves trees, stories and activism I believe that peoples’ lives can be seen as path of emancipation and perpetual personal change, and I thus love to see and take part in relations and networks based on solidarity and sustainability towards a more just world! Francesc Morte Rodenas Studied environmental sciences, interested in bioconstruction TRY has made me aware of the real changing atmosphere - many people from all over does want the same as me as inhabitants of Earth. This project just makes you feel active, pro-active and hopeful, eagering nodes and connections to make the transformation possible ASAP! Claudia Nieto Masó Studied permaculture, has own permacultural garden PRoject TRY gave me an opportunity to meet people from different contries and space to share and discuss different ideas that can change the society. Giovanni Occorso Graduated in architecture, makes recycled furniture Project TRY is a real possibility to meet people from other parts of Europe and to understand how they perceive the idea of sustainability. Aga Papis Coach and artetherapist developing democratic school Because the project group wasn't selected by accident, their synergy is already very high and they have a chance to create something real together. Victor de Paz Mena Environmental educator, social and ecological transformation I believe in empowerment of the people and I think I can improve a lot about it in TRY. It is one of the courses which represent a turning point in life. Federica Porcarello Grew up in a very small village in Sicily I think this project is very important to trust again in the human race and sustainable way of living in harmony with the Earth. Maties Rodríguez Palet Social worker and activist from Girona I am very happy to share experience, exchange ideas and meet new people with the same ecological sensitivity. Chiara Sabella Student of forestry and environmental sciences at the University of Palermo TRY project gave me the opportunity to enter the real world of permaculture. Eugenio Scano Sicilian adventurer, experienced gardener with a passion for plats and mushrooms Project TRY is one of those experiences that in any case will leave in all of us an indelible memory forever. Klara Śmiechowska Loves nature and photography, worked on ogranic farms in Denmark It is a great pleasure to learn from every and each person taking part in TRY! I truly believe that together we can make a beautiful change. Zuza Śmiechowska Physical therapist, educator, art therapy instructor, amateur actress and dancer Project TRY offers a great opportunity to meet new people from different countries, share ideas and to create something specific in our hometowns Giulia Tumminia Student of pharmacy at the University of Palermo. My family and I plan to move soon into an agricultural area to significantly lower our environmental impact through self-handling and Permaculture. Aleksander Wencel National Security graduate, likes gigs, Charles Bukowski and to play drums Project TRY is giving me opportuninty to do something for my neighborhood and I can’t wait to see how our local project will develop. Laia Vendrell Pacheco Student of social education and environmental activist Project TRY is providing tools, resources and visions that I will continue to use in accordance with my ideas and motivations. Erika Zárate Community activist and transformative educator Transition Youth offers an opportunity to both participants and facilitators to learn from each other about how to make our communities more resilient, our environments more sustainable, our economies more soveriegn and our people more empowered. Magda Żarnawska Student of Sociology and Social Anthropology and 4YOUth activist I believe that together we can make a world a bit better place. Prroject TRY is a great opportunity to meet amazing people, share knowlage and experiences and to find inspiration for future.