4YOUth Foundation

4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives  is an NGO created by a group of young social activists who want to participate in co-creation of local reality and enable other young people to travel abroad, to exchange experience and inspire mutually with their peers from different countries.

4YOUth Foundation collaborate with local governments and institutions such as schools, cultural centers, youth clubs and refugee centers. 4YOUth aims also to create a network of cooperation with other non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad to work together on building local and global civil society, promote the idea of respect for human rights, tolerance for diversity and difference. Through its activity, the 4YOUth team supports bottom-up initiatives and encourages citizens to actively engage in actions for their local communities and common good.

Foundation activities are guided by the slogan “Think globally, act locally”, which is why the team of the Foundation pays special attention to the themes of intercultural dialogue, peaceful conflict resolution, ecology, sustainable development and diffusion of the idea of participatory democracy.


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Mas Franch

Mas Franch is registered non-profit cooperative that runs a training and conference centre dedicated to social and ecological transformation. The cooperative was founded in 2006 and currently has four full-time members as well as dozens of local and international volunteer members. Mas Franch’s three core values are solidarity, equity and sustainability. The mission of Mas Franch is to promote social and ecological transformation at the local, regional and international levels. Mas Franch carries out this mission by providing housing, conference facilities and meals that are high-quality and in accordance with its values. As such, as a certified educational centre, Mas Franch aims to function as sustainably as possible, with the use of solar panels, thermal panels, natural water treatment systems, a natural swimming pool, and an organic vegetable garden.

Mas Franch also carries out training and consulting activities, coordinated by its ?Resilience? branch, now an independent non-profit cooperative. The resilience.earth team delivered the TRY: Tranistion Youth training using popular education, social justice theatre, critical systems thinking, mind-mapping, and other participatory education techniques. This new cooperative is dedicated to strengthening community resiliency and ecological sustainability in regions facing socio-economic and ecological challenges. Cooperative members provide research, training and consultancy services to community organisations and public and private institutions in multiple countries, so that these entities can gain a greater capacity to effect lasting positive social and ecological transformation locally and internationally.

Palma Nana

Palma Nana cooperative was founded in 1983 during a march for the establishment of the first Sicilian Natural Reserve, The Zingaro, and against a road that would have passed through the territory of the Reserve.

Since then, the cooperative operates in the fields of environmental conservation and preservation, citizen awareness, and the promotion of scientific research. It organizes and manages activities of environmental education on behalf of the Italian Chapter of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

Environmental Education and Responsible Tourism are the key priorities in Palma Nana?s activities. Aiming to promote ecological awareness, it organizes didactic activities in schools, updating and training courses, seminars, exhibitions, events, summer camps for youth, nature holidays for adults, family camps and excursions in natural and urban environments. Palma Nana also acts as a tour operator, managing Responsible Tourism and school tourism programmes on behalf of LIBERA, il Giusto di Viaggiare.

The milieu that organized, inspired and hosted the participants of TRY is The Centre of Environmental Education Serra Guarneri. A structure that gives the opportunity to enjoy educational and didactic experiences in a context that is different from daily routine. The Centre is accredited by WWF Italy, the Madonie Park Authority (Ente Parco delle Madonie) and the Italian Ministry for Education.