Social Urban Garden in Milanówek

Social Urban Garden in Milanówek was founded in May 2016 on the area of the Green Hole Park on the initiative of the 4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives within the transnational project TRY: TRansition Youth, during the visit of partner organisations from Italy and Spain – Palma Nana from Sicilly and MasFranch from Catalonia.

Garden plan

In the garden there are four elevated embankment-shaped beds, planned and created in line with rules of permaculture ? sustainable and ecological way of designing and creating self-regulating ecosystems. Each bed was planted by a different, leading kind of a vegetable surrounded by selected accompanying plants, which guarantees mutual support in micro-elements acquisition as well as protection from diseases and vermin.

Permacultural beds

Each bed is made of subsequent layers: chopped wooden logs and broken branches, cut grass and leaves as well as soil mixed with manure, all covered with straw to keep the moisture.